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Experiencing broken garage door cables in Reseda and Los Angeles, California? Garage Door Paramedics and Gates can assist you promptly. The cables play a pivotal role in connecting the spring system to the door.

Garage door cables are integral to the system’s operation. They alleviate pressure on the springs, enhancing their longevity as the door moves. These cables serve as a safeguard in case a spring breaks and contribute to smoother and quieter door functioning.

Most garage doors utilize two cable types: lifting cables, which transfer spring energy to lift the door, and safety cables, designed to prevent accidents involving springs. Reseda and Los Angeles, California sees three common cable types: torsion spring cables, extension spring cables, and safety cables, each varying in length, thickness, and strand count.

In modern garage doors, various cables fulfill essential roles. Delve into our comprehensive guide on garage door cables to understand types, functions, and reasons behind common cable issues.

Paramedics Tip: Enhance your garage door’s performance by replacing worn-out rollers. If your door is noisy or doesn’t move smoothly, consider new rollers. Opt for sealed nylon rollers, outlasting factory options, for a smoother and quieter operation.

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